My “go to” themes for different WordPress needs

Depending on the use case for your website, it’s not always easy to choose a WordPress theme to go with, and picking the wrong one can set you back a few hours while you back-track.

So in this article, I thought I’d run through a list of my “go-to” themes when setting up WordPress sites for different customer needs.

Basic Online Presence for Small Business

If you’re looking for a basic online presence for a small business you can’t go past Hestia. It has a nice clean feel about it with modern styling. Easy to work with as well as ready for expansion as your business grows.

2021 Update: I’m also a big fan of the Sinatra theme, which this site is currently based on.

eCommerce / Online Selling

eCommerce sites can turn into rather scary places if you choose the wrong theme to start with.

I like to keep it simple and use the WooCommerce StoreFront theme. It’s a little uninspiring when first installed but you can make it your own by putting in a little bit of effort.

If you are going to customise your StoreFront theme, always make use of a Child Theme so that future updates to the theme don’t break your site.

The other theme I’ve used a bit is called Vogue, and while it may look like it’s specifically for designer clothes, I’ve used it for automotive parts stores as well as catering companies. It’s all a matter of tweaking the styles.

If you’d like your own eCommerce store and you’re not sure where to start, just reach out to us.

The Corporate Look

If you’re looking for something very corporate check out the Sydney theme for its neat-looking simplicity. Spice it up with a nice background image and you’re halfway there with very little effort.

Another good option is Atlast Business with a lot of options in the WordPress “Customizer” tool to make the site your own.

For Digital Agencies

If you’re wanting to showcase your services in a very visual form, try the Shapely theme. It has some good features for showing off your talent and previous works. Plus it has some nice row control making it easy to create a great looking single-page website.

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