Email Hosting

Up to 20 Email Accounts

Up to 20 email accounts with our Managed Hosting Plan. Plus you can also create as many email groups as you like.

TLS/SSL Security

Uses the latest in email security to ensure you emails are encrypted and not harvested for data like some free email providers.

Apple, Android & Windows Compatible

Supports IMAP and ActiveSync for a wide variety of devices and email software.

Calendar Sync

Calendar sync allows you to keep your appointments synchronised across devices.

Contact Sync

Contact sync allows you to keep your important contacts sync'd across devices and safely stored in the cloud.


WebMail functionality allows you to access your email from anywhere in the world via a browser.

Up to 20 Email Accounts included with your website

I like knowing my email data isn't being harvested by big foreign corporations.
Gary, Brisbane

HostLocal email hosting is designed for personal users and small business operators who require a high quality secure email service but don't expect to be handling 100's of emails per day. While we don't impose any limits on each mailbox size, we do operate on a fair use policy which means we may contact you if your mailbox size grows beyond the scope of the intended purpose of this service. Please check our terms and conditions here for more details.

If your needs go beyond the scope of the intended purpose of this service, please contact us as we are a Google G-Suite Partner and can provide corporate and enterprise grade email services with significantly higher mailbox allowances.