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How do I access the SQL Database for my site?

At Host Local, we don’t offer access to the SQL database that runs your site for various reasons.

To ensure customer sites operate in the most efficient way, we don’t use a Control Panel (or cPanel) on the Host Local platform.

This is a layer that is traditionally used by larger hosting companies and in this layer these providers can allow for access to the SQL database that runs the website.

This layer also acts as a speed bump to sites which could lead to slower load times for your customers.

We’ve found that access to the SQL database is generally only requested by more advanced users and is generally used to migrate a site from one hosting provider to another.

In these situations, we recommend using the All-in-one WP Migration plugin to take an exact copy of the site and migrate it over.

Please check out this article for more information on how to make use of this plugin.

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