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Creating a Temporary URL

If you’d like to get started working on your website before your Domain Name has been registered, you may create a Temporary URL that will allow you to access your site before your domain name is registered, or in the case of a BYO domain name, you can use a Temporary URL as a way to access your new site before ‘cutting over’ from your existing hosting provider.

To create a temporary URL follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Host Local admin portal
  2. Click “Manage” on the domain name you’d like to create a temporary URL for
  3. Click “Manage Domains”
  4. Click “Add Temporary URL”

This will add a new temporary URL which will allow you to access your site before your URL has been set up.

You may remove this temporary URL when no longer required, however be aware that if you have created any links or menu’s in your site while using the temporary URL, these may need to be adjusted to use your actual URL before deleting this temporary URL.

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