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How much memory, disk and CPU do I get?

We built the Host Local platform a little different to common hosting providers in that we don’t use cPanel or Plesk as others do.

We found that these platforms use a lot of server resources in their own right, which leads to more servers required to service the same number of websites that can otherwise be serviced more efficiently by using our custom-built platform.

Less servers also helps reduce our “per hosted site”¬†energy consumption and therefore our carbon footprint.

The other bonus of not using one of those “off-the-shelf” shared hosting platforms is that we don’t have any quotas for memory, CPU or hard drive space.

Instead of imposing quota’s we operate on a 50% server principal in that if the CPU/Memory/HDD space of any given shared server reaches 50% then we bring on a new server online for any new sites.

This way there is always available capacity for existing customers with room to grow if required without impacting other sites on the shared server architecture.

While there are no imposed limits in place, we do operate on a “fair use” approach in that we monitor the resources of each server and if we find a particular website begins to fall outside of the common use case, we liaise with the site owner to perhaps consider moving to a dedicated server for their site(s).

The trade-off of not using an off the shelf platform is that we don’t offer SFTP or MySQL database access from our platform. We’ve found that this isn’t really required for the vast majority of our customers.

For site migrations though, we recommend a great plugin that has worked 100% of the time for existing customers, even if their sites are using custom plugins.

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