Emails from my site are being caught in Spam. What do I do?

If your website sends emails, either via a contact form or for some other reason, you may find that messages sent are treated as spam by some email systems. This can happen as, by default, WordPress does not come with authority to send emails on behalf of your email address.

There are ways around this and the best option is to make use of your own email provider as a method of delivering emails. If your email is hosted with another provider it would be best to speak to them about how you can use their SMTP Server to deliver your emails.

However if your email is hosted with Host Local, you set up email sending by following these steps:

  1. Create at least one email address in the Host Local admin portal and set a password. Remember the password you set.
  2. Install the WP Mail SMTP Plugin into your WordPress site and activate the Plugin
  3. Add the following settings to the WP Mail SMTP Settings screen
    1. From Email: the email address you created in Step 1
    2. From Name: any name you’d like to appear on emails sent by your site
    3. Mailer: Other SMTP
    4. SMTP Host: use the one listed in your Host Local email settings, in the screenshot below this is mail server is, however this may be different for you
    5. SMTP Port: 587
    6. Encryption: TLS
    7. Authentication: On
    8. SMTP Username: the email address you created in Step 1
    9. SMTP Password: the password you created in Step 1
  4. Click ‘Save Settings’

After you’ve completed these steps, any new emails sent from your WordPress site will be sent via the Host Local email server and as this is where your email address is hosted, the chance of your emails being caught in spam will be significantly reduced.

PRO TIP: You can also use an email Alias in the ‘From Email’ above, as long as the SMTP Username & Password are that of an email address that is included in the ‘Forwards To’ for the email alias.


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